welcome22Why idioms are important to your daily 


Idioms are a part of daily speech. They convey meaning quickly and are often easy to use and learned early on by native speakers. Idioms are also an important part in the process of “acculturation”. According to Wikipedia: Acculturation is the exchange of cultural features that results when groups of individuals having different cultures come into continuous first hand contact. Idioms are pivotal in learning a new language. A learner of a second language is informally considered “advanced” when and if he/she masters the use of idioms.idioms2-300x225

Idioms are everywhere. You will find them in newspapers, books, magazines, on the radio, on the television, in everyday conversation and at work. Being able to master idioms is almost essential if you want your English to sound more native-like and less awkward. Mastering those tricky idioms will also help you better understand native English speakers (particularly Americans).

Do you ever find that although you consider your English level to be quite good, you sometimes find yourself losing track of a discussion when amongst native English speakers? This may well be because native English speakers tend to speak differently to each other than when they speak with non-native English speakers. The use of idioms and phrasal verbs is commonplace and it can be extremely frustrating to find yourself understanding a conversation or a business negotiation in English to only find yourself flummoxed when a few idioms are introduced into the conversation.

So become familiar with idioms and take your fluency to new heights!


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